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Engineering is the most popular and one of the most sought after career option. There are several areas of specialization in engineering courses which had always been in great demand. Engineering is a vast subject, has been divided into different fields of specialisation depending upon nature. The demands of engineers are becoming much higher for the coming years in India.

Streams of Engineering available in India

  • Aeronautical
  • Agriculture and irrigation
  • Apparel technology
  • Automobile
  • Interior design
  • Bio medical
  • Bio technology
  • Ceramic
  • Chemical
  • Civil
  • Computer science
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Electronics & Communication
  • Electronics & Instrumentation
  • Fashion technology
  • Food technology
  • Geo informatics
  • Industrial bio technology
  • Information tech
  • Medical electronic
  • Metallurgy etc…..

Though there are quite many streams of engineering and most of the students are not aware of the options in engineering education. The most common streams of engineering opted by student are few like, “Mechanical Engineering”, “Civil Engineering”, “Electronics & Communication” and “Computer Engineering”.

We will see the details of these four below:

Mechanical Engineering: This branch of engineering is focused on design, construction, operation and maintenance of mechanical equipments like power plants, mechanical engines and all sorts of machines. A degree in mechanical engineering enables a person to pursue a job in any manufacturing unit or mechanical industry.

Civil Engineering: Civil engineering deals with building and structures. Construction of simple structures like houses and buildings and designing complex structures like dams, multistoried buildings, bridges, railway tracks etc…. are the field work of civil engineers. It offers a dynamic career in the field of planning and designing of cities and towns. As the space demand of urbanization is increasing, there has been a spurt in improving the infrastructure in big and small cities, resulting in large scale demand of civil engineers. There is further specializations in the field of civil engineering including water resources, environmental, construction, transportation, geo-technical engineering, etc.

Electronics & Communication: It is one of the most diverse fields in engineering. Generally known as ECE, this branch of engineering offers multiple career options for the students. It covers all the electronic devices, communication circuits and equipment, digital electronics, solid state devises etc…are dealt with the studies under this stream of engineering. It is interlinked with other areas including telecommunication, electronics, power, signal processing, & computers. It is constantly changing and widening branch of the engineering profession. There are several areas of specialization in this field including sub streams like Electro-Magnetism, Communication Systems, Instrumentation, Control Systems, Microelectronics, Signal Processing, etc.

Computer Engineering: Computer engineering deals with the industry in computer and are utilized in almost all the aspects of life and business. A computer engineer has to operate the systems, design software, maintain complex related equipment like servers etc… are the field of operation for a computer engineer. As a result, there exists a huge demand for computer engineering professionals for the development of faster hardware components, new communication systems and software. Within this field those who deal with the computer equipment, are termed as “computer hardware engineers” and those who deal with the computer programs are called “computer software engineers. Software engineers are concerned with the design and development of software, including computer games, word processing and business applications, operating systems and network distribution and compilers, which convert programs to machine language for execution on a computer.

Discussing further

There is ample choice available for the students who pursue their studies with science stream. After medical, engineering is the most selected stream which youth of today can opt for. Engineering is the profession which is usually associated with the art and discipline. No wonder, if we say a disciplined art lover can become a good engineer. With numerous fields available in this profession, it is emerging as a most desirous career option which fascinates the students to go and grab their best suitable type of engineering. A precise knowledge of particular field can do wonders in selecting the right type of engineering, as students tend to get confused. There are various streams of engineering available in India and a scholar can choose the best suited and the one of his likings. To begin with, following choices are available to non- medical students who thrive to make career in this respective field.

Agricultural engineering is the type of engineering which comprises of manufacturing and designing of machines and tools which are needed for the agriculture purpose. Basically, India being an agricultural country has lot of demand in this field. It not only helps in designing the machines but also work towards the betterment of raised and quality production.

Another good option in this stream is aeronautical and aerospace engineering. Its highly in demand now a days as it combines money with the choice of visiting different places as well. This fields deals with the machinery of missiles, aircraft, space crafts and planes. All minute information is provided about the different air transport.

The newest and highly demanding field which is emerging as a must grab, among youngsters is the computer engineering. It comprises of manufacturing and up gradation of existing computer hardware and software. New apps are invented on daily basis and lots of hardware and software creation is making these fields highly adventurous and interesting. India being on developing path holds good future in this job- oriented field. According to the latest survey, 75 lakh jobs will be available in this stream by the year 2020.

The field which comprises of construction, manufacture and maintenance of natural environment comes under the heading of civil engineering. This fields deals with the geotechnical and structural knowledge of the construction of machines and tools.

Another most common stream of engineering available in India is electrical engineering. New electric gadgets and home appliances are manufactured daily which gives a vast market to this field.  Basically, this stream deals with the study of electro magnetism and its application in day to day life.

Another important stream available to the non-medical students is the mechanical engineering, which comprises of designing and usage of heat. It also deals with the operation of machines and automatic systems. Mostly machines are automatic which are used now days, so this field holds good job opportunities in near future.

To name more, there are ceramic, textiles, nuclear, systems, mining, the list is endless. Needless to say, there are more than enough streams in engineering fields. Hope now engineering motivated aspirant have adequate knowledge of various streams at their preference which will help them to choose the best and most suitable engineering stream.

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