Upcoming Job Opportunities in the Indian Retail Sector

With all sorts of innovations and evolutions, the market now is constantly changing. Various sectors of the market are now developing at a great speed while many have become obsolete.

Retail is one such sector which is developing at a high rate in India, mostly because of urbanization and development of the economy, leading to a major change in the mind set and buying habits of the consumers. This has created lot of job opportunities in this sector.

Job opportunities in the retail sector in India

There are a lot of different job profiles that act as a career in the retail sector right from sales to marketing to finance. Some of the most common job profiles that one can look into and apply in are:

  • Retail manager:

This is one of the most popular and most targeted job profiles in current times. A retail manager is responsible for the management and functioning of an entire store, supermarket or hypermarket.

  • Marketing:

A marketer for retail is responsible for the promotion, branding, advertising and image building of the entire retail store in order to attract a bigger consumer base.

  • Visual Merchandiser:

The work of a visual merchandiser is to attract more consumers by setting up an eye catching display.

  • Logistics and supply chain management:

This area takes care of the entire logistical requirement of the store as well as the storage units and the warehouse.

  • Sales:

This can include a job as sales associative at the store or a door to door salesperson whose job is door to door promotion of the store as well as the products.

  • Buyer:

A buyer is a person who selects the correct suppliers for the store, reviews the products, carries out negotiations, and basically takes care of the entire buying process for the store.

  • Manager of a store:

The daily activities of the store, from managing consumer complaints, to daily sales to money management and budgeting, etc. are taken care of by a store manager.

The online retail market and upcoming opportunities

 Retail is one such business where every day, there are new and upcoming online retail stores being introduced with everything from apparel to medicines to footwear to lifestyle products and now even groceries and vegetables are available online. With this, apart from the above mentioned job profiles, there are various new job profiles being introduced for the online market, such as:

  • Social Media Executive:

The task of the social media executive is basically to handle the various social media accounts of the business like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

  • Online Sales Manager:

Operates the task of an online sales and marketing manager to manage the entire process of online promotion as well as the purchase process.

  • E-Marketing executive/ manager:

The task of an e-marketing manager is to design an effective marketing campaign through various different e-marketing channels.

  • Manager E-Commerce:

The work of an e-commerce manager includes handling of the entire e-commerce sector of retail, from catalogue creation to content generation to logistics as well as the payment and customer feedback as well.

  • Online merchandizing is another aspect. Apart from this, job opportunities are also available in the IT and software management departments as well. Online shopping is coming up as a wonderful option for people who do not want to giggle in crowds and get mad in markets for fulfilling their very basic to luxurious needs. This option is well suited for claustrophobic persons as also for especially abled and makes life comfortable for them and hence has picked up fast. Services in this regard are building up and regularly and constantly expanding to address a very large costumer population. It is being encouraged by many a people and various organizations in consideration of the huge benefits hidden in it for the manufacturers as well as costumers all-round the globe. People easily save time and energy if they shop on line but more important aspect of this system is saving the hassle and shop when one is sitting in the locus of one’s family enjoying the company of nears and dears. Such a development is in a real sense full of comforts and advantages for one and all and holds promise.

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