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In your childhood, you must have seen Tom and Jerry, Superman or any other cartoons. If you like them or get impressed with their beautiful creative then this is an ideal career option for you. Animation as a career option offers a huge scope of work in various Industries and what’s more, all this work comes with a pleasure of animation while working. Let us have a look at Industries which are the employers for the animation professionals.

Film and Television
Animated films or television serials are becoming more and more famous not only among children but also elder ones. Altogether cartoon channels, animation used in between news stories, title tracks, game shows, music shows are among the premium works for animation professionals. While new avenues are also coming up with the launch of new channels and increasing effects in new age films.

The increase in number of advertisements creates a challenge for advertisers to attract viewers to look at their products. They not only try to create great ideas but also pays a lot of attention in making their communication look attractive and animation is one of the great alternative for them.

E learning
Interactive animated programs has come up as an important aid for learning, be it a primary education or a high end professional programs. New companies has entered this space and saw a huge success. A constant upgrade in programs and content keep their students active and more engaged.

Web portals
Web portals are mushrooming like anything and few of them are making it really big. From e-commerce to magazines, corporate to child education, periodicals, newspapers and so many more are making their mark on the network. They need constant content and material to boost their hits and visitors. Animated banners, slide shows and other material brings up the attention of the visitor and thus enable to collect leads or sell products.

Youngsters craze towards video games has made it a significant money spinner business. With mobile gaming and social network, it attracts a large number of audience and broken all records of publicity. While there are couple of large companies involved in this, but even free lancers are making their strong footprints in the race. Online gaming has made it a different experience for the new generation and subscriptions are expected to grow on faster pace then ever before.

Hope you must have got a view of potential employers and you will be enthusiastic to opt of the work closer to your heart.

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