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Indian economy is zooming up in last few years with a creation of large size of talent pool which is not only catering to businesses in India but also fulfilling the needs of International job markets. Rather now-a-days Indian professionals are leading all the way in various global organizations. Let’s see the top 10 career options which students are opting as of today.

Medical Profession

A Noble profession offers not only respect in the Society but also huge self satisfaction.Another lucrative and satisfying career option, the Medical profession is much sought after by students. Over the years, the field has gone has diversified to accommodate many specializations which include Resident Doctors, Surgeons, Dentists, Physicians, Pharmacy jobs, Medical workers and many more. The major specializations of this field are General Medicine, General Surgery, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat), Gastroenterology, Endocrinology and Clinical Hematology and much more.

Career in Engineering

A lucrative career option that involves prestige, high remuneration and positive job outlook, engineering is much sought after by young students. The engineers mainly accomplish four major tasks of research and development, production, management and maintenance. Engineers can opt for a career either in private organizations or in government sector, in both the place professionals can earn well. There are different specializations like Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Aeronautic Engineering, Electrical Engineering available for a student to choose from.

Career in Management

For aspirants in the employment market, a degree in Management can open floodgate of opportunities for students. Apart from offering good remuneration and better growth prospects, Management students can reach top positions in companies by working hard. Corporate organizations, multinationals, banks, BPOs, foreign financial institutions and others attempt to impress students from top B-Schools with lucrative job offers.

Career in Civil Services

One of the prestigious jobs in the country, civil services has been the most sought after job for aspiring, talented and ambitious students. The Indian Civil Services comprise the Indian Administrative Service, the Indian Police service , the Indian Forest service, Indian revenue services and Indian Custom and Central Excise Service. There are various other services like the Indian Railway Services, the Indian Postal Service, the Indian Information Service etc., which deal with various functional areas. Civil Services are considered to be the premier service in India and offer an attractive remuneration and challenging career.

Career in Banking and Finance

Banking sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country today. Professionals are needed to perform a wide range of activities in banks that include accountancy, E-Commerce, Finance, Business Administration and Marketing. Remuneration in this sector mainly depends upon the standard of organizations and the area of specialization. Private and government organizations have their own policies regarding salary of professionals working in the field of commerce.

Career in Media and Entertainment

Media nad entertainment industry today offer wide array of job opportunities to aspirants. Many jobs which were once unheard of, have now become highly attractive. These include career as radio jockey, Journalist, news reporter, anchor, cameraman, editor, musician, video technologist, media planner, soundman, public relation officer and much more. This sector also offers various high profile careers that are in constant public glare and can help to earn unimaginable incomes.

Career in IT and ITES sector

Information sector has opened vast career opportunities for students. Career opportunities in this field include consulting, software development, BPOs, software management and online services. Job opportunities in this sector are very lucrative and one can attain high success in this vast field.

Career in Law

One of the oldest and most respected professions in the world, the legal profession offers varied areas of specializations that include civil law, international law, labor law, patent law, tax law, and criminal law and so on.The profession is challenging and provides immense potentials of growth to hard working and intelligent people.

Career in Hospitality Industry

A new generation industry that is in constant need of hard working and intelligent people, the hospitality sector offers career opportunity in travel, tourism and hotel industries. One can choose a career in hospitality as management trainee, customer relation executive, marketing/sales executive, catering officer, chefs, flight kitchen, housekeeping management, kitchen management, fast food chains and related industries.

Career in Defense

The Indian military comprises of the Indian armed forces, the air force and Navy. Apart from military personnel and officers, the armed forces are continuously in need of engineers, doctors and other staffs. One of the largest employers of the country, defense sector also ranks high among the students.

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