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While opting for a particular course, what one keeps in mind are the job prospects and the post course salary package offered. As the course is nearing its end and the campus placement time is nearing, experts from various fields are hired for training students for soft skills, how to handle interviews etc.  Students are trained that a fresher should not be rigid on the salary front. There should be an innate flexibility to adjust and compromise with the package being offered. The simple logic given to the students are that they have no practical exposure in the industry and subjective learning is quite different from the practical aspects.

What Companies looks for? 

I read a study some time back which indicates that only 2% of Indian youth is employable to fit perfectly into the requirements of a company. This is a shocking but fact. Companies and the big corporate houses, these days during the head hunting process are in search of such job seekers who perfectly fit into the job description and profile of the position. Sadly, it is very rare that they tend to find such a candidate.

Analyzing yourself

Now all of you must be wondering what the logic behind sharing all the above information is. The above information clearly explains that if a person actually finds himself as a perfect fit in for the company, he is definitely in a position to negotiate the salary which according to him is his worth. For this one needs to analyse his strengths and weaknesses. This is a sort of self-analysis which helps one to discover and unveil new facts about one’s own self.

Are You the Right Choice?

Go through the job description given by the company. Study it thoroughly. Read through the company’s website which helps you to better understand the mission and vision of the company. Just see if all these things fit into the requirements of a good employer according to you. Next study and rank yourself on the given parameters of the job description. If the match is quite close in both the cases then go and sit for the interview. Make sure that you study the market and the tentative salary packages offered.

During the face to face interview, you are in a better position to express yourself and vice versa. Clarify all the questions and doubts you have, during the interview. Be smart enough to read the body language and gestures of the interviewee, if you feel they are in your favour and you could be a potential candidate for them.  In a humble and polite tone put forth your expected salary package in front of the panel.  One can definitely expect positive results. The candidate needs to prove during the interview that he would be an asset to the company which is why investing the money on him would be worth it. Always remember that talent attracts potential employers. It is just that you need to prove your worth.

Should You Negotiate

To answer this, I would say first have a deep look at your negotiation power. It may be analysed simply by asking few question to your self

1. Do you have an alternative?

2. What remuneration and work profile you will get in this job?

3. How is this job going to be helpful for your future career path?

4. Does this employer see you as a perfect fit or just another candidate?

So, after answering these questions, if you feel that it is not the one that you were looking for however you employers will be very excited to have you, then my dear you should negotiate a bit. If along with this you also have a better alternative, then you should negotiate dearly.

I know this is not going to be the case, most of the times. So it is better to look for work profile in the job and leave the topic of salary to the discretion of employer. It is always advisable to ask for future prospects in the organisation both in terms of Salary and profile.

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