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While many people aspire to become a Relationship Manager in a reputed Bank of a financial services organisation, most of them does not get a chance. Every Bank is very selective in hiring their staff and looks for few typical must haves in their employees. Let us see these pointers

Normally a Bank look forward to a decently educated individual for their RM positions. The qualification like MBA is a desirable in large cities where competition is tough however at smaller locations even a graduation in commerce will do. Additionally, the aspiring professional is expected to clear NISM Mutual fund and IRDA Insurance module, which only will enable him to sell these respective products.

As a Bank Relationship Manager, an aspiring professional should be good in spoken and written communication. It is a routine job of any RM to keep in touch with their clients and provide solutions to their requirements. Also, ability to handle difficult clients or keeping calm in difficult situation is what an interviewer would try to judge in a candidate. A social animal with a better understanding of the business will be a better bet for a bank at such positions.

Existing Relationships
Well charity begins at home. An interviewer will always have a very deep look at you existing relationships, as that will hold a key to your ability to bring business. It is absolutely wrong to say that freshers cannot bring relationships, as even they have a social circle, friends, relatives or other batch mates getting employed in other Industries. All these are potential clients, and their afresh relationships will always delight a bank.

Flair towards sales
Any Relationship Manager does not survive in their jobs just due to service, but it is sales also. Rather Sales plays more important role in the growth of an RM. Their are multi product targets which are assigned to an RM and a limited designated client base. As such a flair towards sales helps him in pitching products to any and everyone he is meeting within or outside bank. A business orientation also induces a behaviour of giving customized solution to the customer, naking him happy and fulfilling own targets.

The knowledge is the king. The more you know the better it is. As a RM, you should know about the guidelines of Banking, features of the products, economic scenario and basic details of client’s business. Then only you will be able to provide best solution to the clients and make way for your success. Gaining knowledge from newspapers and periodicals is a good idea but better is to interact with people in the Industry.

Observance and Diligence
As a Bank employee, you are expected to be high on observance and diligence. Most of bank frauds happens due to negligence and it is never a happy state for any bank. An interviewer will always try to test you on this parameter, by asking few question about his office, building, passage or about himself, which might look stupid ones. A keen observer are always been able to avert such situation very easily, an that is what will define as a cherry on a cake in case of candidate. Remember, one don’t need to be a detective and remember the colour of shirt of the third person sitting in second row. Just be an observer and remember the floor where you are, name and designation of the person who has sent you and common information like that.

In all, it is quite a rewarding job and successful RM stand a strong chance to become a Team leader or branch Manager after some experience.

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