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Before discussing the importance of Personality Development we should first understand the meaning of Personality.

The personality doesn’t only compromises of our bodily structure but it also conceives the feelings, ideas and behavior which a person possesses. The personality is an indispensable unit of a person. The personality of a person can differentiate him from a group of crowd or let him be a part of it. According to psychological studies there are various genres of personalities based on the attributes of a person like The thinkers, The idealers, The visionaries, The doers, The creators.

The term Personality Development means developing of those facets of a person which make them distinctive from others.”Erick Erikson” an American Development Analyst was the first person who coined the term Personality Development. The term Personality Development encloses grooming, motivation, communication skills and empathetic behavior in it.

Let us proceed towards the importance of Personality Development. As discussed above, Personality is the mirror of the inner self of a person so whatever person thinks or feels it is reflected in their personality. It has been said also

”What mind can perceive, a body can achieve”.

Some years ago the term Personality Development doesn’t have any vitality in the development of the person, it has been said that a person generates his own personality through heredity endowment and the envoirment in which they would be living. But with the passage of time a massive change has  occurred in the thinking of the people, their mindset regarding this concept has totally changed, Now parents & teachers take special initiative to develop the personality of the children. Now-a-days personality development is taught as a subject in the schools. Even in several educational commissions it has been shared that education given in the schools should not only focus on the increasing the capacity & learning ability in the child but it should focus on the overall development of the child.

It is also important for the social development of the person. As discussed earlier several people posses different personalities .Some people are extrovert and some are introvert .To become a part of a group or a crowd a person has to be an optimistic and extrovert personality. The development of personality helps them in gaining an optimistic and friendly attitude towards the people.

Secondly, it is vital for gaining a unique and good position in the official world. With the growth of the economy, the requirements of the offices has also increased .Now a day’s  good working skills are not sufficient for the growth in the corporate world but one should have good personality trait and one should have good leadership and team building skills too.

It also helps to generate unique traits in the behavior of the person by teaching them the concept of behavioral sciences which endows its own vitality in the growing economy of the world.

If we possess a good personality then people would eventually became a part of our teams and groups and they don’t feel reluctant towards jelling up with us easily. A person who has a good personality is welcomed by every person so it helps in generating positive attitude in them towards the life. As our lives have become full with stress so it has become very vital for us to have a positive attitude towards the life so that we can live a stress-free life.

To conclude, we can say that personality in today’s world is as important as blood flowing in our veins. If we want to succeed in this world we ought to have a developed personality

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