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A government job once found is doubtlessly a tension-free lifetime vocation.  But how many us succeed to get a suitable government job ?  The answer lies in elaboration of its causes that make you win or lose the chance for the same.  Now, here are some suggestions for a candidate to get through and successfully get a government job.


The first step is to check the eligibility for the job and your own particulars’ compatibility and suitability for the job which starts from the basics like age, qualifications, both academic as well as professional, requisite experience if any, and the modus operandi to compete for the job.


Most of the government jobs are initiated through written exams for which one has to prepare and reach the level of being meritorious for the same.  How ?  Just pick up the syllabus marked for the coveted post and start covering it with a methodical study of the same.  Once is not enough so repeat the exercises again and again so that you get familiar with the subjects so well that in the examination you perform not only with an accuracy of correct answers but also save time to fare in a relaxed way.  The previous years’ question papers prove a great help in your preparation since the syllabus after all has a limited quantum of subject covered in it.

The next part comes to upgrade your day-to-day general knowledge since it becomes a part of either the preliminaries or the main exams as an exclusive paper wherein you can score the optimum marks like mathematics.  For this, make it a daily ordeal to read the newspapers as thoroughly as you can, apart from the other basic general knowledge books so that you are prepared with the latest information on national and international matters including sports, cultural and business activities.  One has to be careful to opt for the language to appear in the written tests etc. which is most comfortable to the candidate to enable him or her avoid any probable mistakes to be committed due to language handicap in communication.

The time margin plays another important role in succeeding through a written exam.  One should keep sufficient time margin for preparation till the date of exam even if it takes to toil for a couple of extra months.  A regular subject-wise daily schedule will reach you the completion of your studies for preparation of your written exam which you are sure to get through with merits.

Interview Call

Next follows the call for an interview before the selection committee deputed for the post you have applied and cleared the exam.  Here you have to be concise and precise in your answers with a neat presentation of your self and appearance before the selectors.  The interview may be of more than one rounds for which you have to be prepared to face the same.

Appointment Letter

And, at last you get selected for the coveted post with an appointment letter on way through mail, beckoning you to join your duties at your preferred place.  Congratulations !!!

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