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If you looking for career options in commerce field after successfully completing for schooling, here are few popular options which can take to a better position in your life

Chartered Accountant – A CA is an accountant for any business and deals in most of the financial matter of any Organization. They are the members of ICAI and are authorized to sign and seal after auditing financial accounts of any company. Becoming CA is not easy as you need to complete 4 groups of exams and an articleship. To appear CA examination, as a XII student, you need to clear CPT, which is nothing but an entrance exam, been conducted by ICAI.

Company Secretary – Just like CA, CS is also a member of ICSI. A CS is a key person in managing the secretarial and regulatory compliances of the company. With corporate governance norms getting stricter day by day, the role of a Company secretary is also getting important. To become a CS, you need to clear 4 groups and to appear for these group or getting yourself registered, you need to be a graduate.

Management – It is one of the key domain primarily occupied by professional with commerce background. A general preferences for a company remains an MBA with analytical mind and good communication skills. Managers are expected to get the work done and let the business rolling.

International Trade – With opening up of global markets, International trade increased multifold and so is the demand of professionals in this sector. An international trade professional is required to deal with people abroad and is required to have an exposure to foreign countries and currencies.

Credit rating/Research – The capital raising requirements of any business is fulfilled by the Banks or Financial markets. And be it a lender or an investor, they need an in depth research on the economy, Industry and the specific company. Such requirements are fulfilled by Credit rating agencies by giving a credit score to these companies or research agencies by publishing research reports.

Banking and Financial services – Banks are the prime medium for any financial transaction, whether it is a deposit of a small amount in savings account or a very high value corporate transaction. Banks and financial services also provide products like loans, fixed deposits, etc. Anyone, be it an individual or a company or even Govt organisation, needs their services and hence is among the largest employer in the field. An ideal candidate for these career option needs to a post graduate in Finance or marketing with completed NISM/AMFI certification required for selling products.

Financial Markets – The financial markets are the important source for any business to raise capital or manage risk. The financial markets includes stock markets and derivative markets in bonds, forex and even commodities. The fast moving markets attracts the best of the talent from the industry and offers great remuneration also. To opt for this career option, you need to be a post graduate in finance and clear mandatory NISM certification. After few years of experience, professionals may move ahead in the high profile career of Portfolio Management or Asset Management.

Insurance – Few year back, Insurance sector was opened for Private Insurance companies which led to a complete revolution in the sector. Different types of Insurance products like Life Insurance, General Insurance or Health Insurance started spreading in Indian Markets. However, still a huge gap remains between the total population and Total Insured people. This gap is expected to create a huge business and thus a magnificent expansion in the Industry. An an aspiring professional for Sales, an individual needs to be a graduate with completed IRDA certification. However, to be an actuary, a person who determines the risk for any policy, one need to qualify examinations on actuarial sciences.

Hope this will help you in choosing your direction towards success.

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