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Frequently Asked questions

Q.           Which courses are offered at Dishagyan.com?

Ans.       Please visit our page http://www.dishagyan.com/academy to view the complete list of courses.

Q.           How to view details of the course like curriculum, etc?

Ans.       Please visit our page http://www.dishagyan.com/academy and click on the relevant course to view details. The details includes Name of the course, Price, who should take this course, Curriculum, Demo videos, etc.

Q.           How can I purchase any course?

Ans.       To purchase this course, follow these steps

Click on ‘Add to cart’.

A cart will be reflected on the sidebar.

Go to ‘View cart’

Proceed checkout.

Fill relevant details like name, address, phone number (Please do not fill junk details)

Select payment mode

Complete payment steps

Q.           How to view my purchased courses?

Ans.       Please visit our page http://www.dishagyan.com/academy & click on link “Go to My Courses” to view your purchased list of courses.

Q.           Can I ask for refund of my course fees?

Ans.       No refund will be given after the course is purchased. Students are advised to purchase only after reading the product details and curriculum.

Q.           How many time can I appear for Assessment Test?

Ans.       In case of certification courses, the student is allowed to appear in Assessment test only once. In the event of failure, the reappearance can be taken after submitting the fees of Rs. 500 only.

Q.           Who will issue certificate? Is this certificate recognized from any board or University?

Ans.       The certificate will be issued by Dishagyan.com. These certifications are not affiliated/recognized/registered to any board, university or any other body or bodies.

Q.           What is the passing score for these Assessment Test?

Ans.       The passing score in any Assessment test is 50% unless specifies otherwise in course details.

Q.           How will I get my certificate after successful completion?

Ans.       The certificates will be available online after the successful completion of Assessment test.

Q..          Whom to approach, if I am having few queries /doubts related to subject of the course?

Ans.       Such queries may be asked at discussion forums where our experts will try to answer your doubts. However, Dishagyan.com do not commit any time frame for answering such queries.

Q.           Can I download videos/question bank for offline viewing?

Ans.       No, it is not allowed to download videos or question bank. All the material needs to be viewed online.

Q.           What will be the validity of this course?

Ans.       The validity of these courses will be 6 months unless otherwise stated on the course details

Q.           Are there any Quantity discounts available?

Ans.       Yes, we offer quantity discounts on purchase of more than 10 courses/enrolments in single transaction. To get an attractive offer, please send a mail at connect@dishagyan.com specifying Name, contact number, email id and course(s) of your interest.

Q.           How it is going to help in building my career successfully?

Ans.       Dishagyan.com is a widely recognized portal in the industry. The modules are developed by professionals with experience in the relevant domain. Having completed these modules, you will not only get the deep knowledge in the subject but also will be able to state the certification in your resume. The question banks are designed in order to help students or aspiring professionals to prepare well for regulatory exams.

Q.          Whom to approach, if I am not been able to view course due to technical issue related to website?

Ans.       In case of any technical issues, please write a mail at connect@dishagyan.com. Please specify your Name, contact number, email id along with the details of the technical issue.

Q.           Is there any limit/restrictions on viewing videos or question banks?

Ans.       A student may view videos or question bank, after purchase, any number of times. However, it cannot be shared or used for public viewing.

In case of any suggestions/complaints/queries or reporting any error in the course content, please send an email at connect@dishagyan.com. Please specify your Name, contact number, email id along with the details of the technical issue.

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