Different Job Profiles with Online Retail Companies in India

India is currently one of the leading countries when it comes to the retail market, with retail contributing almost 7% to its GDP according to a report prepared by the Boston Consulting Group and the Retailers Association of India.

Over the years, the Indian retail market has evolved quite a bit. The standard of living of the people has improved a lot, and this has led to a drastic change in the attitude and requirements of the customers. Vendors and small-scale grocers are now replaced by shopping malls and marts.

With this, another aspect introduced in the retail market is the aspect of online retail markets.

The Indian Online Retail Market:

With digitalization of various sectors and the prominence of the internet in all areas of life, there have been many upcoming companies and start-ups in this particular field of online retail, like Flipkart, Naaptol, Snapdeal, etc. The online retail market is predicted to contribute over 10.1% sales to the overall retail market by 2018.

As mentioned above, the attitude of the customers has changed tremendously, and their demands are now completely different. Online retail has simplified things for such customers to a great extent, making life extremely easy for them wherein they can order anything from apparels to footwear to gadgets, lifestyle products and now recently with the upcoming start-up called ‘Grofers’, customers can even order groceries online.

This has created a huge amount of career opportunities for the upcoming youth. Apart from the mainstream job profiles of any usual retail market, such as store manager, cashier, visual merchandiser, account manager, etc., various new job profiles have been introduced exclusively for such online retail companies.

From graphic designers to IT professionals to management persons, there are opportunities for people from various fields in this online retail sector.

Various Job Profiles for Online Retail Companies in India:

As mentioned above, there are some new job profiles that are exclusive to such online retail companies being created for the upcoming youth mainly. Some of these job profiles are:

E-Commerce Executive:

The role of e-commerce executive is to identify potential business associates and suppliers. Apart from this, they have to maintain the online consumer database and provide analytical reports from time to time. Apart from this, their job is to also research various products online. Research skills with latest updates on the field of e-commerce are a necessity for this job.

Manager E-Marketing:

The role of an e-marketing manager is to be updated with the latest trends in online marketing and to design and execute marketing campaigns based on it to promote the company. Their job is to manage all social media marketing campaigns of the company apart from other sources of online marketing.

Online Sales Manager:

The job of an online sales manager is to keep track o the online sales of the company and to also find potential new clients for the same to promote their company and its products to such clients. They are to manage the online consumer database for the same and keep it updated from time to time.

Social Media Executive:

This is one of the most popular and upcoming job profiles in the field on online retail. Social media has penetrated the life of most of the population of the country today. Hence, it is a great way to reach out to a huge amount of people. Hence, online retail companies search for a skilled social media executive to manage all their social media campaigns and accounts.

Online visual merchandiser:

Online retail companies search for graphic designers and people with experience in visual merchandising to help create an online display of their products, much similar to the usual visual merchandising, to attract more customers and increase their sales.

Customer Communications:

Another requirement of these online retail companies is a person to manage all customer care contacts and help out with various customer feedback, inquiries and complaints.

App developers:

Companies also search for such IT professionals and app developers to create an app for their own company, a popular trend in businesses today.

Graphic Designers:

Companies also hire graphic designers to design the website for their online portal as well as their logo and for many other designing requirements of their marketing campaign and advertising.

Hence, there are a lot of career opportunities in these online retail companies in India which is a very dynamic and upcoming section of the field of retail.

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