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Students graduating with science from schools and colleges have ocean of opportunities in front of them. It is only their interest and aptitude which would restrict them from pursuing any career.  Range of options have only increased for Science students these days as new technologies have given rise to new and lucrative options like telecom engineering, nano technology, forensic science, genetic engineering, mechatronics engineering,  instrumental engineering, environmental engineering,  bio technology,  pharmaceuticals and power system engineering, and bioinformatics  besides traditional options in various engineering fields and medical sciences.

In computer technology along various new branches have come up which were unimaginable few years back. These are the highly – paid specializations in cloud computing, business analytics, telecom informatics and mainframe technology. These options do not include the ever emerging options in Para medical science. Science students have an advantage that they can start their professional career right after passing school by joining the professional courses, which leads them to high earning careers, Whereas, non-science students must pursue graduation and post graduation to take any respectable job. The cream of science students goes for entrance of IIT and medical exams.

Cracking the CAT is comparably easy for science students, especially with math.

With government emphases on modernization of defense forces particularly the induction of high tech ships in navy and aircrafts in the air force, the need for science students particularly, those having degrees in engineering branches has increased. In many cases, especially with regard to the naval academy, student with high marks in science subjects can take part in exams and directly join the force. Here, they get the world- class education and training in various branches of engineering at almost no cost to them.

When the government starts stalled infrastructure projects almost all companies dealing with power, railways, and heavy engineering will need students who have professional degrees in the science courses. The start of the development of Delhi- Mumbai industrial corridor and launch of high speed railways network initially in selected routes will increase the demand for high level of skilled labor, which only students with science can fulfill at certain technical levels. Even if government starts work on building five new cities out of hundred, which they promised in the election manifesto, you can imagine the demand for various technical people in making these dreams happen.

These young men equipped with right skills in software are creating business models which only new technologies can create. That is why large numbers of IIT graduates are likely to pursue their own dreams in business rather than work hard for dreams of others. The road to entrepreneurship was never easy as it has become in recent years. The development of IT industry has created first time entrepreneurs who are creating Business Empire in their life time. All this is possible with the advancement in sciences.

It is right that life takes its own course and university of hard knocks has its own lessons to teach. It is not that others cannot achieve success. Success in life also depends on so many other things, which include resilience, courage to take risks, capacity to start all over again, sometimes from scratch, ability to learn from mistakes and perseverance to keep walking even when passing through hell, which are not taught in any school or professional college.

A simple graduate from Ludhiana who has had vision created the largest telecom company in India. His vision and determination led him to study telecom engineering for six months before starting this new business. Only an engineering degree without that vision would not have helped. But students graduated in sciences do not have to struggle much in life. They get early start. They do not have to stumble upon careers, which happen in case of others. They do not have to move from one career to another, which may happen with other stream students. The knowledge of the skill which is high in demand makes it easier to find opportunities in life. And when highly qualified science graduates combine business administration with their professional engineering degrees, then their own stamina to work is the limiting factor for them.  The CEOs of Microsoft and Nokia have emphasized this thought.

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