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Biology is the science of how living things work. Biology majors study the behavior, classification and evolution of living entities called organisms. This natural science encompasses specialties such as microbiology, marine biology, ecology, zoology, physiology, cellular and molecular biology, and botany. Students choose pursue career in biology because of a fascination with understanding how living things function. Generally they are aware of a career option if they know someone who works in that occupation. Students can earn associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees. But often they have difficulty in identifying career despite the variety of biology based careers available. This write up will help the students and the career counselors in identifying satisfying careers that build upon their interest. The categories of career options include research, healthcare, teaching, science writing, administration management, industry and miscellaneous careers that do not fit into other categories.

Careers in biological sciences

Research Biologist

Research is discovering how things works and then telling everyone else what you have discovered. A career in research hones your skills in critical thinking, critical problem solving and persistence.


This field offers a wide variety of career choices. You can become Doctor of Medicine(MD), Doctor of Osteopathy(DO, ) , Opticians and Orthopticians(involved in eye care) and most popularly physician.


Another large area of careers for those with an interest in biology is education. Instructors in biology are needed at all levels of education, including elementary school, middle school, junior school and college.

Science Writer

Biology degree holders with a talent for writing can learn accurate reporting skills to become science writers. Science journalists can work for newspapers, magazines, websites and radio or TV stations. Some work as freelancers, selling stories to multiple publications. They can become text book writers. Other careers in this include writing and consulting for medical dramas or serving as the host of television shows about nature, animals etc.


A biology degree, especially with internships or experience in animal care, can be a great first step along the path to become a veterinarian or animal doctor. English and communication classes are also important so students can learn to interact with patients’ owners. After 3-4 years of college, veterinary school lasts four years. Students learn about animals’ anatomy and physiology, as well as how to diagnose illness and provide appropriate treatments.

Administration, Management and Government

Another field that employs people with a biology background is administration and management.Careers for biology people are also available at all levels of government, including local, state, national and international levels of government. They can work in areas like Natural resource management, environmental regulation and management, wildlife management, forest management, rivers and streams management .

Miscellaneous Biology- Based careers

There are many careers for biologists that do not fit into the above categories. For example Bioinformatics, combination of law and biology medical legal lawyer and environmental lawyer.


It may be possible that additional career options for biologists are missing from the above write up. However, this article should serve as useful information for biology students seeking information on career  options and for those who assist students in searching for careers that fit their personalities and aspirations.

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