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When looking for a job in today’s corporate sector, a specialized MBA can land you in the most high profile and exciting job profiles in the world trade. Today, one of the best places for the same is Forex and Treasury Management. It is one of those jobs where stakes are high and therefore remunerations, higher.

Treasury management is the creating and governing of company policies and procedures that ensures management of financial risks successfully. Forex, i.e. Foreign Exchange is necessary for global business transactions. Conversion of domestic currency by consumers, to make overseas purchases, while trading internationally for domestic currency by businesses is what Forex management looks after.

So basically, treasury management of an enterprise’s holdings should be understood as how the goal of managing the firm’s liquidity i.e. cash flow, and mitigating its operational, reputational and yes how financial risks are met. Forex comes within the oeuvre of treasury management.

Why Should Treasury Management Interest You?

Treasury Management includes a firm’s

  • collections,
  • concentration,
  • disbursements,
  • funding activities,
  • and investments.

It also includes trading in bonds, currencies, financial derivatives and looking after whole of the financial risk management.

Therefore, it’s fertile. It provides great opportunities for young professionals to engage in trading and financial management that involves good communication, quick thinking and a lot of smart work. The whole ‘thinking out of the box’ kinds can rejoice because the volatile nature of the changing economic scenes mean that company policies and activities are to be constantly updated to minimise risk of heavy financial losses and secure optimal profitability. It is imperative to keep business margins insulated from the volatility of the market.

Apart from financial risk management, treasuries are also expected to look after financial supply chain management. The employees keep check on the financial inflow and outflow. They list all amounts to be received which will increase treasury of the firm. Under this management, they estimate all financial risks for investment of cash to invest profitably, optimize their company’s liquidity, and reduce or enter into hedges against its financial risks. Also, these make long term financial plans and implement them. They need to anticipate what can go wrong and have the back up and solutions ready. When businesses want to expand their reach, it is the treasury management that plans and enables the expanse through quantified and qualitative research, data, analysis and estimations. They take part in business mergers and acquisitions, of assets and otherwise.

Banks, on the other hand, have large treasury management profiles hosting many clients. Today, many smaller banks are replacing larger banks on the provision of treasury management products and services by expanding newer functions and offerings, everything readily customized according to the needs of an emerging smaller clientele pool.

IT too plays a huge role today by providing software that can help firms gain complete transparent control over the financial activities of the company and automate critical processes. Control over these complex demands helps ensure adequate financial liquidity to drive growth and promote innovation.

Where does Forex Management Step in Here?

Treasury management involve the sub function of buying and selling foreign currencies in several companies, especially in MNCs. The entire management of a company’s foreign exchange and investments falls under the duties and functions of the treasury management department. Foreign exchange management is required to follow current events that translate into changing exchange rates on world trade forum to identify the distinct risks of transacting on a trans-national platform. It involves successful currency trading practices in firms that increase profit quotients and buy power.

Forex Managements may use currency derivatives and diversification to keep check on risks and preserve profits. Proper Forex management accounts for these transactions, while anticipating shifts in currency valuations for delivering and accepting currencies at fluctuating exchange rates. So, this Can Open a Lot of Doors for You from entry level to board level, there are a huge variety of roles and

job titles, some of those are:

  • Treasury analysts and accountants
  • Risk managers and financial analysts
  • Treasury operations and Tax directors
  • Managing directors, Company secretaries
  • Chief financial officers and Chief executive officers (CEOs)

There are also good opportunities in this arena for software professionals for outsourcing software and to look after the mechanized aspects of modern trading practices.

How Much Do they Earn?

Salaries may vary according to the nature of the company, professional qualifications and level of experience of the applicants, and also the position in the company. Starting at a minimum of Rs 4 lakh per annum, it goes way upwards to 6 digit numbers.

Forex and Treasury Management offer a diverse and lucrative career that can set you on the road to acquire some of the most high profile jobs in business and finance. They also push you towards international opportunities. It is the crux of all trading activities, tying everything together, therefore always in high demand and focus.

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