Career as a Research Analyst

The first name coming to mind while searching for a research job is none other than a “research analyst”. Research has several folds in all the existing sectors. Research over any topic simply means analysing it and finally coming to a conclusion that suits all the pros and cons. It is basically an answer to the entire question related to what and how. If you are working as a research analyst, you have to be an expert in that particular sector. Specifically it is collecting information and then selling it to the firm you are associated with. For example, if you’re working as a researcher in medicine, you have to go through the composition of drugs, its positive and negative effects on the consumer etc. before selling it to the concerned firm. In most of the companies, researchers have a definite domain over which they inspect. As in NASA, researchers are associated with not only the environmental conditions of their targeted planet but also with the path to be followed while escaping, their meals, dress etc. But individual analysts are concerned only with one field.

What Should be the Qualities of a Research Analyst?

Tendency to do the best along with the gift of fantasy is more appreciable than the talent of absorbing knowledge, especially for researchers. So if you are planning to join hands with this sector, the first thing you should do is check your abilities and shortcomings in order to judge whether you are fit for this job or not. It is not like journalism that collection of facts and figures will do well for you. Here you have to prove yourself. You have to see what others can’t and analyse what no one did. You are the only one responsible for your deeds particularly in this sector as all you are going to conclude is in accordance with your thinking. You should be passionate regarding your job. Irrespective of the surroundings where you exist, you have to feel pleased while discussing your paper work with anyone or everyone. The result of your analysis should be clear enough to be accepted by everyone. In other words, if your convincing power is literally praiseworthy, then you have a better chance in this sector.

In this busy as well as inert world, no one has enough time to go through each and every step involved in your research technique. So the most important thing one should do is to work on a Rota system to make the thesis available to this whole world. A particular format should be followed including comment lines wherever required. Analysts with any previous experience related to the topics at hand will reasonably do well. Any researcher trying to gain seniority may initially work as a junior analyst and then working on any project will lead them to the next higher level. Once you get an expertise in the research sector, your worry for finding a job will surely come to an end.

Job Opportunities

  • Nicco ventures limited-Kolkata
  • Frost and Sullivan-Kolkata

Popular Skills for a Research Analyst

  • Data analysis
  • Project management
  • Market research analysis
  • Microsoft office
  • Microsoft excel

Related Jobs

  • Business analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Financial analyst
  • Management consultant
  • Market research analyst
  • Senior business analyst
  • Senior market research
  • Senior research associate

Why to Get into Research Sector

A very frequently asked question is why to get into this research sector although we are surrounded by job scopes in any field we focus on. A very simple answer to this question which anyone can give is that here we have to devote our intellectual power rather than work according to a description. This is the only field where we can achieve satisfaction in selling our work as even one theorem can change the perception to view this world. In other sectors we have to change our self, according to the world. Just take an example of Einstein who gave his theorem and thesis and turned the whole world according to him. A researcher can very easily manipulate the environment and be the asset any one would like to be.

Research Analyst Salary

Having a previous experience or a good command over any project will surely help improve the salary. It will be increased if one is specialized in market analysis, data modelling or any other field like the field of technical writing. With all these points in focus, it is said that on an average, a research analyst gets Rs 3 lacs to 4 lacs per year in the initial years of his/her career.

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