7 Typical Interview Questions for Retail jobs

After completing your undergraduate or Post Graduate course, you start sending your resumes to different firms for a job interview. Spending weeks and months sending in resumes to different firms, you finally get a call from a good retail firm and an interview date. In the arena of the retail industry, you will encounter a myriad of candidates for the same job interview as there are many people who aspire to be a good seller, manager or retailer.

Therefore, you should prepare yourself with the best answers of questions, before your interview, with which your interviewer is going to grill you in a jiffy. As every firm wants to hire a skilled and an attentive employee, you need to be very smart in communication, very attentive while listening, should look presentable and mentally & physically present at the time of the interview. Always remember a fact that during your interview, you should look like a candidate who has a potential to be an effective employee with the rigorous training.

To prepare yourself well for your job interview, here is a list of questions that will help you and serve a glimpse of questions which your interviewer is going to ask. Check out the following list of 7 questions written below and take some time out to rehearse a great answer to each. In retail, one is likely to deal with the public a lot, so showing charm and grace under pressure will count you in many ways.

  1. What Attracted You to Apply to Our Store?

         Ans. To begin with, this is the best question that most of the interviewers ask, after you’ve exchanged pleasantries. So, as this is the most-liked first question of interviewers, they intend to know what made you to choose that firm for a job. You need to come up with the simple and subtle reply as to explain what qualities you liked about their firm.

Do not talk about money, instead of looking for any cheesy lines, speak about how your family and you visit their store, how are the services of the store, talk about product availability at the store as this kind of answer will reflect your insights and a better understanding of the brand and their services too.

  1. How Do You See Our Brand?

         Ans. This question is an extension to the first question that they’ve had asked you. There, you have to explain and elaborate more about the features, services and an ouster image of the brand. You can add up any extra information or achievement if you have read somewhere about the brand.

  1. What Previous Experience Have You Had?

        Ans. Interviewers always want to know about your previous working experiences in your last firm as they try and judge whether you will be able to work efficiently in the fast-paced environment of firm or not. In this kind of questions, you should reply with all what you have learnt in your previous jobs, how your fast grasping power helps you to gain more in less time and how do you manage pressure if you had any in your last firm or job.

If you have not worked in any previous firm, then come up with your basic knowledge and insights of the professional world. You should add that you’re well in operating number of software if it is needed.

  1. Describe Any Incident You Ever Had with a Difficult Customer?

       Ans. This question can make you a little conscious while answering. But while explaining, provide a clear and concise description to interviewer including the circumstances that you were under with. Include the details like why that happened, how you dealt and overcame with it at you best.

  1. What Do You Think is Your Biggest Weakness?

         Ans. While answering this question, try and tell about your one weakness that you can portray it in a positive way. For instance, you should say, “I be always more concerned about getting everything within the deadline with highest standards”. This kind of statement will help you win interviewer’s heart as this is the quality that will help their firm grow and prosper more. You should always talk about things that will help the growth of their company and sale both.

  1. Have You Placed An Application Anywhere Else?

         Ans. This is a very good opportunity when you can show that you’re in demand of several companies, and you have a myriad of other options too. You should tell if you have received job application from any other firm too.

  1. What Motivates and Keep You Going in Retailing Career?

        Ans. This question helps an interviewer read in you what are the prospective things you’re looking for and what do you enjoy doing most in the arena of retailing. Make sure you do not mention anything about money while answering this question. Talk about your area of interest in the job and talk about customer satisfaction as it will also reflect your knowledge in understanding consumer behavior.

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