7 Must Know Interview Questions as a Finance Candidate

You might have a good idea about the pros and cons of the Finance Sector jobs as well as may be aware of the various degrees and certifications required to enter the field of Finance and Banking. Now it is time to check out the hiring scenario. Listed below are some strategies to get into the field.


One of the best ways to get into the world of Finance is through Internships. School education is not enough to qualify for an Internship in Finance but college education is a must prerequisite. It is not necessary to select Finance or Banking as a major subject. Well-known companies employ college pass outs from any discipline as long as they have good scores and recommendations.

Campus Recruitments

Many Business Schools and Institutions have tie-ups with the finance industry recruiters. Students passing out from well-known institutions walk out with more than one offer letter in hand and hence find themselves engaged which is necessary for the passouts as well as financial companies,

Facing the Job Interview

Whichever path you choose to enter the Finance Industry, like all other jobs you need to face many one on one interviews with recruiters and human resources personnel. You should have a fair idea about what they are looking in the hires they sign up. Below is a list of key questions you might be asked.

  1. What motivates you?

Motivation is a key in all industries. Most candidates seem to be drawn to the fact that since the finance industry deals with money the employees get a better compensation. This might be true but should not be the motivation. Although money matters the most but it is not the only issue. A motivated person develops an attitude of being very responsible, committed and dedicated which in the long run proves of a great value in improving the output of the company for which he or she works.

  1. What is your greatest achievement?

A sales organization would be the best place for a go getter or a result oriented person, but this is one of the professions that requires result oriented persons as well as persons having a level headed attitude. One must have a perfect zeal and zest for the job which is important for developing this mindset.

  1. What obstacles have you passed to reach this stage?

The answer to this question should be able to convey your desire to be there in the financial profession. One usually faces hurdles of opportunities and acquisition of special skills. All difficulties must increase the vigor to overcome the hurdles and proceed ahead.

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years?

This question is often asked by employers. The question is normally asked to judge the expectations of the candidate from his career and profession. One should have one’s feet on the ground and convey the need for a reasonable growth path. A well planned and reasonably charted out action plan provides confidence to go ahead and achieve one’s goal.

  1. What do you know about our company and our industry?

Most employers and specially human resources persons expect candidates to be able to talk about their organizations and business in length. They do not expect to be adored nor do they look for adulation. All they want to know is that you have done enough homework to know about their organization and that is the proof that you value the organization. It is important to have some basic know how of the company but unusual adulation may be counterproductive.

  1. What would previous coworkers and managers say about you?

This question is asked to check out your own assessment about yourself. The recruiter will often note down your observations and check it out with the references that you provide. One should be honest to divulge the facts as the best person one knows is one’s ownself.

  1. What is your greatest achievement?

This is another question that is asked to find out where your strength lies. What you think as your greatest achievement may not be great for other people. That is why this question differentiates a candidate from another. Be careful that you expose qualities that are likely to be expected from the incumbents of the job being offered.

Hope the information given above helps you to find a meaningful career in finance.

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