6 Questions You Should Prepare for a Bank Interview

Bank jobs in India will always be in vogue. They are few of the most challenging and rewarding jobs to have, thus it is no wonder that every year, every decade we find the proliferation of thousands of millions of job openings in the bank sector and a million more number of people trying to get them. They are intellectually stimulating and draining. With the changing markets and volatile economies one has develop the efficacy of thinking on one’s feet and be open to uncertain situations, therefore never be averse to take risks.

There has never been a favorable period to work in the banking sector in India now when a lot of exciting changes are happening and a lot of foreign banks are setting up their operations here. The most lucrative of the lot is of course the scheduled banks, public sector banks, private banks both old and new, foreign banks which were included in the Second Schedule of RBI’s Act, 1934. If you are considering a career in banking in India, or already are in the area and looking for a change in jobs, let’s walk through a few key pointers that would help you plan better.

When in an Interview what are the key questions one should prepare?

Like any other interview, bank interviews at scheduled banks in India are pretty standard. They run along the same lines as any other sophisticated corporate interview. Some of the most regular questions are:

  1. “Tell me about yourself?” A pretty standard question. And an important one. This one will create the first impression. We all are aware that the first impressions are the most lasting ones.
  2. “What is …?” Can be any terminology or technique that has a regular use in banking circles. If your basic knowledge in banking is insufficient, your chances are minimum to nil. Stay abreast with who’s who and what’s what in the banking world and also about current affairs.
  3. “How would you fit in our company/benefit our firm?” You must be thorough with the information regarding the company that you’re applying to. Your awareness about the company ethics and policies will help you understand what to expect at your new workplace. Also, if your employer finds that you have no idea who they are, they naturally won’t be interested in who you are.
  4. “Why are you applying?” Two things must be kept in thought when answering this: One, you must be honest to yourself and to your employer about why you are applying for this position. Two, you need to give a balanced answer not only stating how it would provide you intellectual satisfaction but also how you and your recruiter can benefit from recruiting you.
  5. “What are you strengths/weaknesses?” More than the actual facts the interviewer seeks to see and analyse how good would you be in a work environment and your willingness to grow and develop too, accept mistakes and learn from them. Because they are analysing how you present yourself, it is important not to overdo it and make over-the-top claims.
  6. “What happened at your last job?” A note to the people who are changing jobs, they most certainly will ask about why you are changing jobs. It’s important you are honest about it and not defame your earlier work place. That will create a bad impression about you. Balance your argument right and reach for a forward thinking reply.

What is concluded from all this?

These pointers are definitely going to help you secure a financially rich job in the firm. It makes the interviewer extremely impressed if you are up to date with the current affairs about banks, amendments and new technologies introduced in this sector. The HR of the recruiting company has orders to select highly efficient and capable candidates who are bound to help the enterprise progress. One must definitely research thoroughly about all the aspects, be prepared to answer any question or query related to the job profile which henceforth will result in selection.

Although the concept of banking jobs in India is relatively old but new private ventures are steadfast in competition hence, choosing only those who fulfil all the necessary new era requirements.

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